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Mining Industry

rayvaradiztekx.ml Since the invention of hydraulic cylinders, the so-called hydraulic props and the shield support systems have replaced the wooden structures previously used to support the workable deposits.


https://handgeponbausper.gq For economic reasons, the mining industry looks for advanced solutions in the area of shield support equipment. Deposit heights of more than 4 m and supporting forces of more than 1,000 t per shield have now become standard requirements. This is why the tubes used for hydraulic props are made of high-strength steels, mostly of a fine-grained microstructure.


VALLOUREC TUBES supplies seamless tubes for hydraulic props to the top international mining equipment companies.

Seamless hollow bodies with an integral base are used for the production of so-called blind-end cylinders in hydraulic shield support equipment.

For free-hanging shaft columns used for the supply of water, air and other media into the mine seamless steel tubes with API- or Premium thread connections and couplings are used. The running of such pipe strings follows the same rules as known in the oil and gas industry.